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RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) Program

The Whitcomb and Huber Buildings are for income-eligible individuals and households who are over 62 or have a disability.

Each of the buildings has the following qualities:

  • Located in downtown Springfield
  • Convenient  to bus routes, stores and churches
  • Secure buildings
  • 24-hour emergency maintenance
  • Most utilities included with rent
  • Economical laundry facilities
  • Community Room

Applications can be requested by phone, e-mail or standard mail. Or, downloaded here.  Please note that applications may not be returned to our office via email or fax as we require original signatures on file. 

Eligible applicants will be placed on a Waiting List. When an application approaches the top of the waiting list, applicants are screened for eligibility and suitability.

Eligibility checks include verification of income based on family size and program requirements. 
Suitability checks include criminal record checks, landlord references, credit checks and character references.

The Whitcomb and Huber Buildings have waiting lists and we generally do not have immediate vacancies. The length of time varies by development, apartment type and bedroom size. Waiting lists can be as short a few months or as long as a year or two.


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